Emergency Management Capability Development

Plan Review and Development

Batavi Projects conducts reviews and audits into Organization’s Emergency Management Plans. We work closely to ensure our clients plans are adopted in line and interpreted effectively with AS 3745 2010. What makes us standout from other service providers is our holistic approach and plan harmonization.

We review and make recommendations on how effective your plan is with other organizational plans such as Crisis Management Plans and Security Management Plans. Few providers have the breadth of knowledge to be able to deliver this area of the report that ensures a coordinated united approach in mitigating and resolving incidents within the organization.

Incident Management MT Workshops

We work very closely with our clients to provide a value based experience in work-shopping organizational plans ensuring both the plan and staff involving in implementing and auctioning the plan are fully tested. Debriefing sets us apart in that we ensure that observations and lessons learned are fully captured in report and optional debrief session at a later date.

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