Travel and Event Security Management

Travel-and-Event-Security-ManagementBatavi Projects is a proud partner of Critical Arc and a valued reseller of the SafeZone capability. This is a game changing solution for security and safety across a number of industries having been most effectively deployed across educational institutions globally. Batavi Projects quickly identified the capabilities that SafeZone had in specific industries and circumstances and now partners with SafeZone to market this state of the art technology and apply very effectively to situations such as active shooter or terrorist incidents within a given geographical area.

SafeZone uses cloud-based technology to deliver highly scalable distributed command and control environment that can connect thousand of users with hundreds of responders in real time. SafeZone’s decentralized architecture uses multi-layered communication channels including Wi-Fi, mobile Data and SMS guaranteeing maximum connectively, outreach and Performance.

The systems command and control capabilities give unparalled situational awareness to responders in the field, while team managers and coordinators can mobilize and coordinate action from any locations in the absence of an established control centre.

By Isolating and dealing with incidents quickly and efficiently, SafeZone helps prevent unnecessary evacuations and ensures minimal impact on productivity and business continuity. Geo Targeted mass notification can warn staff of impeding danger and direct them to take appropriate action, while improved incident management enables security teams and volunteer coordinators to mobilize quickly to protect and defend people and assets.

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