Specialist Protection Operations


  • AGM event security planning and management has never been more important in uncertain times- We work closely with high profile clients to ensure critical meetings including AGM’s are thoroughly planned and managed providing a discrete, smooth and safe event is successfully delivered.
  • Hostile Environment Planning and Protection Operations – We provide end to end specialist offshore security protection for our clients which includes pre-deployment briefing and hostile action training.
  • Due to the risks involved and experiences learned first hand from our highly experienced protections teams,  planning commences way before departing for the designated area.  We pride ourselves on holistic management in hostile areas with established networks with government bodies in most areas operated in.  The ability to communicate effectively with supported security assets – both government and private – is a critical factor well embedded into all operations.
  • Intelligence Briefings – We provide thorough intelligence briefings utilsing an impressive network of intelligence professionals from around the globe.  We ensure that clients are all informed of the risks, emerging issues and risk factors, groups and areas in the region of interest.
  • Budgen Consulting are specialists in the provision of Strategic Maritime Security Advise and Protection in line with ISPS practices.
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